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Painting, decorating, plastering, carpentry and bricklaying –
Who would you trust to carry out these skilled crafts in your home or business?

The Managing Director of Mid Finishes Ltd, Mansour Benaida, has developed the ethos of the company around some fundamental viewpoints. Putting himself in the client position, Mansour has identified six main factors that would be important to him if he were employing a company to carry out work in his home or business and these are:

• Qualifications (background knowledge)
• Experience (best approach for best result)
• Team work (positive contribution)
• Ability (solving potential problems)
• Attitude (Enjoy the work)
• Reliability (no problem approach)

Letting potential clients know where his own company is positioned regarding the above factors is very important to Mansour.
He said: “Having potential clients choose my company for the quality of work we produce is as important as being chosen for who we are and what we stand for."

So where exactly does Mid Finishes Ltd stand?

What is it that makes the company the first choice for home or business owners with large or small transformational projects?

This is why…

Team Working

The success of Mid Finishes Ltd lays in the perfect blend of trades-people, each one a master in their own profession. There is a cohesive partnership between the team members that ensures optimum working relationships on every project.

The success of the team is rooted in the fact that each one is a handpicked professional with specific skills.


College training and long-standing professional experience qualifies each member of the Mid Finishes Ltd team.

Team Leader Mansour began studying for his qualifications in 1998 at Lambeth College, School of Construction where he gained City & Guilds awards to the highest level.

His studies gave him proficiency in painting and decorating and specialist decorative techniques such as marbling, wood graining, gilding and faux finishes. Mansour also completed studies in gilding and Stucco Veneziano (polished plaster).

He went on to qualify as a teacher at the college and then gained the NVQ Assessor’s Award. Following this, he also gained the NVQ Verifier’s Award. He taught the painting and decorating course at Lambeth College before taking on the management of the construction department.

This experience has brought many talented young artisans and craftspeople to the attention of Mansour and as a result of his work in education, he has trained many of today’s professionals to his own high standards.

Besides the wealth of practical skills developed throughout his time at Lambeth College, Mansour also has a Level 4 qualification in the Creative Arts, which covers the history of art and painting.

He and his team are continually updating their skills to maintain the high standards required by the company.


During his years of study and teaching, Mansour took on many transformational projects in London to gain experience and build a reputation in the field. Interior designers and private clients put his skills to good use.

After spending 10 years at Lambeth College nurturing the new generation of talent in the transformational arts, he decided to move on and concentrate on building his growing business. The main source of work was through word of mouth and in April 2013, Mid Finishes went public by becoming a Limited Company.


Mansour is something of an enigma in the world of Transformational Arts. He excelled as a mathematician and originally studied at Baccalaureate level in Mathematics.

However, he longed to do something more creative. His interest in art and painting techniques lead him away from mathematics to the very different world of transforming the interiors and exteriors of living and working spaces.

It is this very unusual combination of mathematical and artistic ability that gives Mid-Finishes Ltd the edge when it comes to visionary expertise. Mansour is able to assess a project with ease and see the inherent potential taking into account not only colour, tone and texture from an artistic point of view but also form, dimension and angle from a mathematical point of view.

Team members are selected for their outstanding abilities. Mansour only wants the most dedicated artisans and crafts-people to be a part of his projects to ensure Mid Finishes Ltd maintains its position as the number one company in the art of transformation.

He said: “Yes, we are a team comprised of painters, decorators, plasterers, carpenters and brick-layers but we cannot be defined by any of those labels alone. We are one entity providing a blue-chip service to discerning clients.”


The attitude of all those involved with Mid Finishes Ltd is simple – they treat each project as their own. The projects, large and small, are carried out with respect for the client’s property, time, comfort and finances. The attitude at all times is based on the question, ‘how would I feel if this was my home/business?”


Mansour believes a person’s reliability with others can be seen in how reliable he/she can be upon him/herself. His own reliability has been clearly demonstrated by his commitment to study and his steadfast progression from student to teacher to businessperson.

Such robust self-reliance is naturally carried through to all Mid-Finishes Ltd projects so clients can enjoy the same level of reliability Mansour has shown all through his working life.

The same quality is an essential requirement in every member of the Mid-Finishes Ltd team. Reliability is as important as the specific skill each team member has.

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